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Jameil: Jameil's the first boss and master of TLF. He's the father of Skull and has made these projects to come true.

Skull: The second master of TLF. And the scripter and mapper of the Legend Factory.

Erik "King Pizza cold": The last joiner of TLF. He is the KING! The graphic master of TLF. And the personal guard of this site. P.S: He loves cold pizza.

Dead Man: Jami is a fair joiner of TLF. He first was in a team called The Cold Blender and has now arrived in the factory of legends.

Angelina "Reforce": A silly little 12 year old girl, that Skull met at Habbo Hotel, Counter Strike and... PLAYING DINK SMALLWOOD!! Skull soon decised that she should join TLF aswell. While she isn't visiting this site so much she often helps people stuck in games, when she IS on this site.

Jameil Skull Erik "King Pizza Cold" 1952-1990 The Legend Factory tm